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GotoDirect is a fully-fledged electronics e-retailer to fulfill the ever-expanding tech needs of the world. We offer a vast range of computer hardware from the best brands for our customers. Although GotoDirect is based in the US, our services are not limited to a single country, rather, we have delivery facilities situated all over the planet.

With a growing product database, our e-commerce industry offers limitless options to our customers no matter what product they are looking for. From hard drives, power supplies to network accessories, routers, switches, and other computer appurtenances.

We aim to be a one-stop solution by our competitive price strategy. We commit to and strictly follow our delivery process to make sure all orders are received on time. Our customers benefit from our expressive product descriptions, reviews, and tutorials that will help them to make informed decisions. We are constantly upgrading our database of products to streamline the entire process.

Our Customer-Focused Work Ethic

At GotoDirect, we are working under a customer-focused work ethic that keeps us ahead the competition. We are committed to building customer empathy into our procedures and policies to systematically improve their experience. We believe our customers should be listened to and they should be empowered to make decisions for their betterment.

Customers place their orders knowing fully well we hold accountability for improvement of their experience. GotoDirect actively updates information, follows a proactive approach to adapt to customers’ needs, and aligns its technology to offer agility.

Following a customer-focused leadership approach, we have set our pricing strategy at par, at best quality. We thoroughly examine and test our products before dispatching any shipments. As for the products for customers’ existing machines, we help select the right product by sharing internal knowledge with our customers.

To improve the customers’ journey of order decision, placement, and order fulfillment, we actively follow up with the customers for their feedbacks.


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